We may still be in winter, but businesses are gearing up for spring sales. Once the weather starts to warm up, people will be purchasing tools and supplies for home repairs and renovations. Gardening centers will be stocking up on plants, soil, and outdoor fixtures. Pop-up shops looking to draw in customers with food, spring fashion, music, and more will be emerging all over the country. To make the most out of spring sales, businesses are looking for financing solutions to ensure they are prepared with both inventory and marketing.

Spring Sales Require Planning

Businesses that want to make the most out of spring sales start planning well in advance of the season. Inventory is purchased to ensure they don’t run out due to customer demand. Trends are watched to figure out what items people are going to want to buy. Marketing campaigns are drawn up to maximize foot traffic from the middle of March until the end of June, and to start off the season with big sales. Detailed planning yields great results, but nothing can be put into motion without capital.

Financing Spring Sales for Your Business

Since spring is right around the corner, businesses need financing that can be arranged quickly and offer flexibility. Traditional loans take too much time to process, and the monthly installments may not be a good fit for businesses that are going to be open for a limited time. To get a jump start on spring sales, businesses use merchant cash advances. A merchant cash advance is an injection of capital that businesses with a point-of-sale system can use for everything from inventory to marketing to hiring additional employees. Unlike traditional loans that have a designated purpose, merchant cash advances offer discretionary funds that can be used for anything your business needs. Merchant cash advances are structured around sales and overall profitability instead of credit ratings, and businesses do not assume any debt.

Flexible Repayment

Merchant cash advances also diverge from traditional loans in how they are repaid. Instead of monthly installments, the advance is repaid from a small percentage of credit card transactions. This way, whether or not spring sales are strong, the advance will never place a strain on business finances. Unlike some traditional loans, there are no prepayment penalties with a cash advance. If your business is generating a lot of revenue during the spring and you want to pay off the advance ahead of the terms, you can do so without triggering any penalty fees. Merchant cash advances offer the flexibility businesses need to get ready for spring and maximize sales.

Get Ready for Spring

Web Finance Direct provides working capital solutions for businesses of all types. If you are making plans for spring sales and need a little extra capital to get a competitive edge, a merchant cash advance is a perfect fit. Contact Web Finance Direct today to get the financing your business needs to take advantage of seasonal opportunities.