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Web Finance Direct is able to completely streamline your bank’s entire loan process by providing a better quality and more efficient  lending service for your customers.

We are a nationwide indirect lender that understands that rates, collateral, and risk are only some of the many important considerations when developing an indirect lending program.

Our finance experts take the time to learn everything about your bank’s portfolio goals. From those goals we develop a customized strategic finance program that meets your banks needs and gets you the type of loans you

Web Finance Direct specializes in helping banks reach their fullest potential. We facilitate the lending and bank portfolio management process by utilizing the newest methodologies in lending & banking.

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Increase Lending Efficiency  

Loan Applications Based On Your Portfolio’s Needs

Web Finance Direct is able to sit down with your banks lending manager and craft an indirect finance program that meets your portfolio’s specific needs. We work with a network of dealerships, businesses, and individuals who have all sorts of different financing needs. Receive loan applications from applicants based on parameters you set.

Commercial Paper Exchange

Let Web Finance Direct help you find a buyer for your book of commercial paper. We help fill your bank’s portfolio with the types of loans it requires then, once lending capacity is reached we find a buyer for the book of loans. Web Finance Direct is here to make your bank run as efficiently as possible.

Indirect Lending Programs

Web Finance Direct has a diverse network of businesses & individuals who need loans on all kinds of real & personal property. Utilize our network of high quality loan applications. We are able to fill your lending portfolio with exactly the kind of loans you are looking for. Let us know the application requirements and we will do the rest.