Loan Processing: What It Looks Like for Dealers & Lenders

Purchasing a car

Loan Processing: What It Looks Like for Dealers & Lenders As any loan processor can tell you, loan processing is a relatively complex and thorough process, especially when it comes to processing loans for titled assets such as cars. Whether the borrower is looking for a car loan with a bank or dealer or considering…

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Direct Finance vs. Indirect Finance Compared

Indirect financing for credit unions and banks has emerged as an adaptable and flexible strategy for remaining competitive in our changing economic landscape. It has the potential to boost lending portfolios and match lenders with a more diverse pool of borrowers looking at a broader range of vehicle options. It can provide advantages to the…

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5 Ideas for Driving Credit Union Membership in 2024

CU membership drive ideas

For credit unions, members are everything. From reduced risk exposure to an expanded impact on the community, the more diverse a credit union’s customer base is, the better its ability to see increased deposits and offer more loans will become. As a result, it’s important to make sure your credit union is striving for new…

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The Key Benefits of Indirect Auto Lending for Independent Dealerships

indirect lending for dealerships

Does your independent dealership offer indirect auto lending to your customers? In today’s fast-paced market, the ability to offer customers flexible financing options when buying cars can make a huge difference. According to a 2023 report from MIT, there are over one hundred million auto loans currently in the U.S., with a combined value of…

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Building Your Loan Portfolio: How Indirect Lending Can Play a Key Factor

The ever-changing lending environment presents a number of challenges to banks and credit unions. When establishing and managing your vehicle loan portfolio, it is critical to maintain the proper balance. This will not only help you increase your bottom line, but improve your client retention and relationships as well. That is where indirect lending comes…

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The Top 5 Benefits of Offering Flexible Boat Loan Options 

Looking at boat.

Flexible financing options are an important offering for any dealership looking to maintain high customer satisfaction. This includes boat and marine dealers!  Working with a trusted F&I services company like Web Finance Direct is one of the best and easiest ways that boat dealers can expand their boat loan offerings and provide the best boat…

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