What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

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With the expansion of the Internet of Things and how much data people share, often unknowingly, to a variety of businesses and devices, new legislation is cropping up to help curb that. Even if the data in question is necessary to perform certain business functions, helping consumers understand and take control of their data-sharing practices is an important facet to

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What is the Red Flags Rule?

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According to the Federal Trade Commission, around nine million Americans have suffered from identity theft every year. Identity theft racks up millions of dollars worth of stolen money, damaged, credit, and costs to businesses who are left paying bills accumulated by the scammers.  In order to better protect people and businesses from identity theft, the Red Flags Rule, along with

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What is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)?

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No one likes being pestered by telemarketing companies or unsolicited texts from random businesses. In fact, it was such a problem that in 1991, Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (or TCPA) to cut through all the phone spam. This effectively restricted telemarketing, cutting down on calls as well as using autodialers and prerecorded messages. While the original laws

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What is the CAN-SPAM Act?

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Nobody likes the modern inconvenience we’ve grown to know as spam. You know, those annoying emails with random advertisements and potentially hazardous links. Just as most people have grown to hate telemarketing and unsolicited visits to their doorstep by companies who just want to sell them things, unwanted emails are no different. In fact, spam had become such a problem

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5 Effective Sales Strategies Your Business Should Consider

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For every salesperson out there, there are just as many sales techniques -- though not all of them are as effective as you need them to be. While sales is the art of getting a potential customer to say yes to buy whatever you’re selling, there are plenty of strategies to maximize the likelihood of getting there. Whether you are

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6 Ways Your Dealership Can Use Instagram to Build Business

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Social media has become an economic powerhouse in its own right. Aside from having a website, it is becoming an expectation for successful businesses to have some sort of social media presence. While this might seem like a peculiar consumer expectation, social media can boost your business in a variety of ways, from attracting new customers to generating its own

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How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

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With an ocean of potential customers as vast as the Internet, it is hard to resist casting a wide net. All too often, businesses trying to build their digital presence will create accounts on as many social media platforms as possible. But when it comes to finding the right customers and maximizing your reach, less is more with regards to

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How Luxury Car Dealers Can Drive Sale and Increase Their Bottom Line

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Luxury cars are projected to generate over $10 billion in sales in the United States alone this year. However, luxury cars are not just for the billionaires of the world. People of all income brackets are looking to purchase luxury vehicles, and car dealers are improving their own bottom lines by offering manageable financing programs to their customers. What is

How Indirect Lending Improves Client Retention for Banks

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Client retention is an important metric for traditional lending channels, such asWith over 30.7 million small businesses in the United States, entrepreneurs need a reliable source for financing. Since the Great Recession, however, many small business owners do not meet the requirements for traditional loans, have reached their borrowing limits, or need a program that falls outside of the products their

Consumer Financing Options: Growing Your Client Base and Increasing Sales

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There was a time when consumer financing options were reserved for automobile dealers and big box retailers. Now, small businesses, online retailers, B2B operations, medical practices, and more are using consumer financing to drive sales and grow their client base. What Is Consumer Financing? Most consumers are used to making purchases and paying in full for goods and services. If

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