More Sales & Less Headaches

Web Finance Direct supports your sales force and helps it reach its highest potential. We enable your dealership to seamlessly offer financing to all of your RV & motorsport customers. Easily offer financing to customers all along the credit spectrum with the best rates & terms available. Customer service and speed of delivery are our number one priorities. We know time is of the essence when a customer is ready to make a purchase. Credit decisions are delivered to your office quickly and efficiently.

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Save Time & Money

If You Sell It: We Can Finance It

We work with a network of hundreds of banks from all over the United States. It is our motto that there is a bank for every application. Our partner banks will finance RVs, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, four wheelers and literally everything in between. Empower your sales force with lighting fast financing.

Get Paid For Every Deal That Goes Through

Let us find the customer the loan they need. When we get the deal approved with the bank you get paid just for sending the loan application through our bank network & finding the customer. Get the level of service that your business needs. We offer full service F&I; and everything in between.

Your Customers Are Our Customers

We have a whole team of Finance & Insurance experts in our office standing by ready to receive your customer’s loan application. We believe there is a bank for every loan application. Customer service & speed are our number one priorities.  We will never leave your customer’s loan application in the dust.

No Long Term Contracts

No long term contracts or commitment necessary. We are compensated wholly from the commission earned from the bank. Part of which we split with our dealer partner involved in the deal.

Prime! Mid-Prime! Subprime! & Everything In Between

Just like you we work with customers from all walks of life. We understand that every customer has a unique financing. We believe there is a bank for everyone.

Competitive Rates & Terms

Web Finance Direct is able to deliver some of the most competitive rates and terms the market has available. Empower your sales force with the ability to offer customers competitive financing on the boat of their dreams.

The Web Finance Direct Process


Dealer Finds A Buyer

First the dealer finds a buyer. They fill out a financing application & a sale information sheet with customer. Put together the deal structure or the buyer’s order. Additionally, we will need the invoice/MSRP for new products and a NADA for used ones. Horse trailer and ice castle deals require comparables in the market because they are being manufactured by purchase order. All this application information is then passed onto the Web Finance Direct finance & insurance team via email Pdf, Fax, or Docu-sign


Pull Credit & Book-Out Sheet

Once our finance & insurance experts receive the sale information sheet and loan application we send it on to the lender for approval. Oftentimes we can provide a loan decision in less than an hour.


Customer Receives Lending Options

After we send out the application the lender responds to Web Finance Direct with funding options. Our finance manger gets in contact with you or your customer to discuss loan products and rates. Once a product is selected a deal confirmation sheet is delivered to the dealer with a delivery time set.


Customer Signs The Loan Paperwork

After the customer(s) signs loan docs with the dealer, they send the signed docs back to WebFinance Direct. From there, we overlook docs for missing signatures, missing forms, etc and then we take care of sending funding docs into the appropriate lender. The reason for this is to make sure funding packets are complete for faster funding.


Buyer Takes Possession Of Financed Product

Congratulations! You have a happy customer. You were able to get their purchase financed quickly and affordably!


You Increase Your Bottom Line

We have found hundreds of examples of dealers meeting and exceeding sales goals utilizing our services. Dealers are able to sell more because more customers qualify to make the purchase. Dealers are funded on loan proceeds as well as any money made on the lender’s reserve and products sold.