Get Help Financing Receivables

Here at Web Finance Direct, we have the solutions you need to help your business acquire the necessary liquidity to grow and compete. One such solution is accounts receivable financing. Do your customers pay you up to 90 days or more for your products or services? If so, receivables financing may be just what your company needs.

What is Accounts Receivable Financing?

Financing receivables involves purchasing receivables invoices at a discounted amount. Whether your company is facing bankruptcy, is brand-new or has other financial matters that need to be considered, this type of financing can help you. Financing is based on your customer’s credit – not your own – so you are not just taking on another debt. In fact, you are really outsourcing your receivables processes and selling an asset at the same time.

Benefits of AR Financing

Financing with Web Financing Direct allows you to realize the following benefits and more:

  • Payments are not fixed
  • No worries about recourse
  • Free credit insurance included for qualifying accounts
  • No arbitrary decisions made by a loan board
  • Receive cash within 24 hours
  • Financing available for all industries and businesses
  • Flexible funds for unexpected orders and varying needs
  • Credit insurance that is free for customers

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