Is an Equipment Financing Program a Good Fit for Your Business?

For many business owners, the wide variety of financing options available can be dizzying. Not all financial programs are created equal, though, so it’s smart to consult with financial professionals who have your best interests in mind and can help you select the perfect financial product for your situation. In particular, if you’re looking for ways to finance expensive equipment that your business requires, an equipment financing program will meet your needs better than a generic loan.

Program Highlights

Our equipment leasing program is a great solution for businesses that need to purchase equipment. Instead of compromising your financial security by putting a large chunk of money toward equipment acquisition, you can enjoy immediate use of the machinery your business requires while paying only a small monthly amount.  As long as you have been in business for at least two years, you have a good chance of getting approved for equipment financing. Here are a few of our program highlights:

  • Multiple payment structures from which to choose
  • No financial statement necessary for applications up to $150,000
  • No down payment or very little down payment required
  • Low interest rates up to 84 months
  • Financing up to $500,000 or more available

We don’t turn businesses away for sub-par credit. In fact, we have a second-chance program that’s specifically designed to help companies with damaged credit finance equipment anyway. We also guarantee financing for municipal and government entities. If you represent a fire house, police department or any state or federal agency, talk to us about our government and municipal leasing program.

If you already have equipment but are thinking about selling it to meet the bills, consider selling it to us. Once you do so, we’ll give you cash for the equipment and will give you the option of buying it back from us through reasonable lease payments. When all payments are made, we’ll hand ownership of the equipment over to you once again.

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