Direct Finance vs. Indirect Finance Compared

Indirect financing for credit unions and banks has emerged as an adaptable and flexible strategy for remaining competitive in our changing economic landscape. It has the potential to boost lending portfolios and match lenders with a more diverse pool of borrowers looking at a broader range of vehicle options. It can provide advantages to the…

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5 Ideas for Driving Credit Union Membership in 2024

CU membership drive ideas

For credit unions, members are everything. From reduced risk exposure to an expanded impact on the community, the more diverse a credit union’s customer base is, the better its ability to see increased deposits and offer more loans will become. As a result, it’s important to make sure your credit union is striving for new…

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How Your Credit Union Can Drive Membership With the Right Business Plan

Credit Union Membership

If boosting membership and loan growth is on your agenda for 2023 and beyond, it is important to factor in the right strategic planning for your credit union. Having a set credit union business plan in place for how to connect with the right loan applicants in your desired industries can go a long way. Credit…

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The Key Benefits of Indirect Auto Lending for Independent Dealerships

indirect lending for dealerships

Does your independent dealership offer indirect auto lending to your customers? In today’s fast-paced market, the ability to offer customers flexible financing options when buying cars can make a huge difference. According to a 2023 report from MIT, there are over one hundred million auto loans currently in the U.S., with a combined value of…

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Web Finance Direct’s Top 8 Benefits of Indirect Lending

auto indirect lending

Indirect lending. Whether you’re a dealership in the auto, RV, marine, and powersport industries, a credit union looking to get into credit union indirect lending, or a bank looking to expand your loan portfolio, this lending method can enhance your core offerings. Fueled by customer desires for speed and efficiency when making larger purchases, indirect…

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Indirect Lending for Credit Unions: Our Guide to Vendor Due Diligence

If there’s one thing that remains true, it’s that our financial landscape is constantly evolving. Through this, indirect lending for credit unions and banks has emerged as a critical strategy. This form of lending can allow banks and credit unions to expand their lending portfolio and match with more borrowers over time. So, what are…

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Five Key Steps to Start Your Own Indirect Lending Program

For lenders like credit unions and banks, a well-run indirect lending program can make a major difference in their ability to connect with qualified applicants. It is one of the best lending solutions for credit unions and banks alike. Compared to direct lending, where borrowers go directly to their bank or credit union to receive…

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The Web Finance Direct Guide to Indirect Lending

Throughout the American economy, financing continues to play a major role. For many consumers, the ability to borrow money to pay for their purchases over time gives them the flexibility they need, especially when it comes to more expensive, big-ticket items like cars, RVs, and boats. Take the RV industry, for example. As of 2021,…

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