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If You Sell It, We Can Finance It

We believe that there is a bank for every application. Working through our network of partner banks across the United States, we empower businesses quickly by helping them finance auto, RV, marine, powersports and everything in between.

Get Paid For Every Successful Deal

We do the heavy lifting by finding the right financing options for your customers and getting the loans they need. When a partner bank approves the loan and the deal goes through, you get paid for sending the application and finding the customer. In turn, your business provides your customers top tier financial services beyond what your own finance and insurance department could offer.


Web Finance Direct Can Supercharge Your Sales Force

With a wide range of financing options,
working with us allows you to offer financing to your
customers all along the credit spectrum with the best
rates and terms available. Like you, we value customer

service and transaction speed which is why we send credit decisions back to your office in 15 minutes  or less once a customer application is submitted.  This keeps your customers happy and your sales  team moving full speed ahead.

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Expertise You Can Trust

Our team of Finance & Insurance experts are standing by, ready to receive your customer loan applications or answer any questions you may have about financing options. Your success is our success.

Financing & Insurance Features We Offer

No Long Term Contracts

Because our business model leverages compensation from commission we earn from partner banks, there is no need for long-term contracts or commitment. In fact, we split part of our commission with the dealers we work with who helped seal the deal.

Financing For Everyone

Every dealership and their customers are different and require different sizes and types of financing. Whether you need prime, mid-prime, or subprime options, we will help you find you the choices you’re looking for.

Competitive Rates and Terms

We are able to deliver some of the most competitive financing rates and terms the market has available which your sales team can pass on to your customers.


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The Web Finance Direct Process


Dealer Finds A Buyer


Dealer Submits a Customer Application


Customer Receives Lending Options


Customer Signs the Loan Paperwork


Customer Buys Financed Product


Dealer Increases Their Bottom Line

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