Introducing the New Web Finance Direct Dealership Platform and Customer Mobile App

By: Web Finance Direct

At Web Finance Direct, we are continually updating and optimizing our processes to ensure that dealers, applicants, and lenders alike have the best financing experiences possible. With that, we are proud to announce the launch of our new dealership platform and mobile app! This  makes the loan application and financing process  simple for dealers and applicants. Using these new tools, reps and customers can see the status of their mobile loan application and upload documents directly from their phones to get a loan for a new car, RV, boat, or power sports vehicle. Let’s take a look at some more of the benefits of this brand-new platform and app, starting with dealerships.


How Does the Platform and App Help Dealers in Managing Loan Applications?

The new Web Finance Direct Dealership Platform helps dealers manage loan applications by streamlining the mobile loan application process for their customers. With it, dealers can:

1. Easily Upload Documents to Accelerate the Sales Process

Dealerships can get their applicants to easily upload required financial documents and guide them through the loan process faster.

2. Track Application Status

After an applicant submits their mobile loan application, you can follow its standing and receive status updates throughout the entire process.

3. Chat With Applicants

With the new app, you’ll also be able to directly chat with applicants and help guide them through the mobile loan application process.

4. Organize Deals

The sales rep at your dealership can use the platform to access key information about sales, including status, vehicle information, and any warranties that may have been purchased.

5. Gain Potential Customers

With the new app’s geographic search features, potential customers looking for loans can easily find your dealership if it is near their current location.


How Can the App Benefit Dealership Loan Applicants?

The Web Finance Direct app benefits loan applicants by offering an easy-to-use and transparent way of applying for a loan. Here are a few features that the app offers applicants:

  • Upload Documents Faster

The new Web Finance Direct app is perfect for loan applicants looking to securely and quickly submit their required financing information. In just a few clicks, you can submit whatever documents you need to apply for a loan.

  • Check Application Status

Applicants and dealers alike can easily monitor where they are in the mobile loan application process and what the next steps are in completing their mobile loan application, enhancing the overall ease of the transaction and providing visibility. 

  • Chat With Dealerships and WFD

The app also has chatting features, so applicants can quickly reach out to the dealership handling their mobile loan application and Web Finance Direct for support right from their phones

  • Find Dealerships Near You

With the app’s geographic search feature, applicants can easily find dealerships near them that will aid in the process of completing a financing application.


For Applicants: Steps to Apply for a Loan Directly Through the Mobile App 

The Web Finance Direct mobile app makes it easy for applicants to apply for a loan directly through the app from any location. Here are the steps applicants can take to apply for a loan through the app, whether at home or at the dealership:

At-Home Applications 

  • Step 1: Download the Web Finance Direct app.
  • Step 2: Submit required information including your driver’s license and other financing information.
  • Step 3: Select your dealership from the Web Finance Direct dealer map.
  • Step 4: Complete your mobile loan application and send it to your chosen dealership and Web Finance Direct.
  • Step 5: Receive a final decision about the status of your mobile loan application.

Dealership Applications 

  • Step 1: You or a member of your team start an application on the Web Finance Direct application.
  • Step 2: The applicant uploads the necessary documents for a loan.
  • Step 3: Information about collateral, warranties, and more are added to the application.
  • Step 4: Live chat with applicants to guide them through the application process.
  • Step 5: Receive a final decision about the status of the applicant’s application.


Download the New Web Finance Direct App

Are you ready to start streamlining your customer’s finance applications? Take the leap forward on mobile loan applications and get access to Web Finance Direct’s new dealership platform and app. Reach out to your sales representative to get started facilitating customer financing and optimizing their loan application experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Loans Can I Apply for Using the App?

Using the app you can apply for auto, RV, Powersports, marine, and horse trailer loans.

Is There Customer Support Available for App-Related Inquiries or Issues?

Yes, the Web Finance Direct app allows you to chat with your dealer.

Are There Any Fees Associated With Using the App?

No, the Web Finance Direct mobile app is completely free.

Is My Personal and Financial Information Secure Within the App?

Yes, your personal and financial information is entirely secure within the Web Finance Direct app.

How Can I Download and Install the Dealership Loan Applicant App?

You can download and install the new Web Finance Direct App by going to your phone’s app store, looking up the WFD Finance App, and then clicking download to install it onto your device.

Is the App Available for Both iOS and Android Devices?

Yes, the Web Finance Direct Dealership loan applicant app is available on both iOS and Android devices.