The Top 5 Benefits of Offering Flexible Boat Loan Options 

By: Web Finance Direct

Flexible financing options are an important offering for any dealership looking to maintain high customer satisfaction. This includes boat and marine dealers! 

Working with a trusted F&I services company like Web Finance Direct is one of the best and easiest ways that boat dealers can expand their boat loan offerings and provide the best boat loan rates to their customers. In this blog, we’ll go over the benefits of offering boat loans and what the loan process looks like when you work with a financing company like Web Finance Direct.

How It Works

Our focus at Web Finance Direct is helping you connect your customers with the right lending options. Depending on how your dealership is structured, we offer two primary service models.

Full F&I Services

With our full F&I services option, we help dealers save money by streamlining the buying and financing process. Through this model, we will find the right financing option on a customer-by-customer basis. This includes providing a full list of the most competitive boat loan rates and terms on the market, back-end offerings such as extended warranties and gap insurance, and access to our network of nationwide lenders. The best part? We can handle all of your customer communications as well as loan document preparation so you can rest easy and focus on running your business.

Correspondent Lending

Do you already have an existing F&I department? That works too! You can still leverage our lenders and programs to grow your business. Through correspondent lending, we’ll complement your existing F&I capabilities by helping to expand your network of lenders and enhance your deals with add-on products such as extended warranties and gap insurance. All of this can increase your bottom line thanks to more backend offerings that will open the door to more revenue.

Dealer Benefits of Offering Boat Loans

When it comes to your financing options and loan process, flexibility is key. Working with a third-party F&I service company in any capacity—whether they’re working in tandem with your own team or handling the loan process themselves—can take your dealership to the next level in terms of efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Here are some of the top benefits of offering flexible loan options with a service like Web Finance Direct.

1. Increase Your Sales

Even a small percentage increase in your sales due to flexible boat loan terms can translate into thousands of dollars a year. This is because you’ll often be able to sell more boats by allowing buyers more time on their loans, which will give them a better opportunity to come up with some money for down payments and also have their boats paid off after just one season. Increased sales will also lead to additional advertising opportunities, which means even more exposure for your dealership!

2. Reduce Customer Hassle

Providing flexible boat loan terms allows you to cut down on costs and keep up with your competition. When it comes to financing a boat, customers want an easy loan process that won’t take long to complete. In addition, your customers will appreciate how easy you’ve made it for them! Our services help reduce customer hassle by providing simple ways for people to communicate and complete their paperwork.

3. Boost Customer Satisfaction

Getting loan options right is important—especially when it comes to buying a boat. An easy, flexible loan process can help you attract and satisfy more customers. This can lead to higher return rates, greater satisfaction scores, and even more referrals. The bottom line? A positive experience for buyers means great service for you and potentially bigger profits for your dealership.

4. Save Time and Money

Today’s boat-buying consumer is a digital retailing kingpin, using computers and smartphones to manage their finances, research costs, and make boat-buying decisions. Why don’t you take advantage of these tools by offering your customers flexible loan options? It could end up saving both time and money on collection calls down the road.

5. Enhance Your Online Reviews

Providing a premium customer experience will get more buyers through your door and allow you to compete with large chain retailers like Bass Pro Shops, who already offer an array of financing for boats and recreational vehicles. Also, boat loan terms can be confusing for some customers, so it’s important that you’re able to clearly communicate the best options and boat loan terms available. The easier the process is, the more positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising you’ll garner.

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