Preserving Bank Relationships in the Age of COVID-19

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The window for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans closed last month, but businesses still need funding. Many business owners are still applying for other loans through their banks, yet economic conditions and tightening credit requirements can result in loan turndowns. So with everything that is going on with the economy and the COVID-19 pandemic, how can banks preserve their relationships

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Cash Flow Determines How Quickly Businesses Recover

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As more businesses reopen in cities across the United States, cash flow is becoming the prime concern. Cash flow determines how quickly businesses will recover over the next few months and position themselves for long-term success. What Cash Flow Means to Businesses Cash flow allows businesses to make payroll and cover overhead. Cash flow allows businesses to restock inventory, purchase

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As States Reopen, Businesses Seek Accessible Financing

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As some states begin to lift restrictions and businesses reopen, entrepreneurs are looking to make up for lost time after having their operations limited or halted completely. However, to get operations up and running quickly without taking on major debt, businesses need a flexible source of financing. Securing Traditional Loans is Difficult Banks and other traditional lending channels are tightening

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Choosing the Right Business Financing Lender

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After the first round of Paycheck Protection program (PPP) loan applications were dispersed, businesses across the country were eagerly awaiting approvals so they could access relief financing. But even after those funds ran out, some approved businesses were still left waiting. The reality set in that traditional lenders have long loan processing times. Additionally, traditional banks gained over $10 billion

Fix and Hold Strategies in Today’s Property Market

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For commercial real estate investors, the market outlook is uncertain. The United States is currently adjusting to a pandemic, and a sizable portion of the country’s population is entering retirement, placing downward pressure on property prices. In today’s economic climate, commercial real estate investors are forming fix and hold strategies for properties in their portfolios. The Silver Wave Over 60

Working Capital Solutions for Long-Term Results

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SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans offer much-needed relief in our current economic climate. However, PPP loans are intended for payroll support, as well as rent and utility expenses for businesses. Outside of the designated guidelines for PPP loans, businesses still need working capital solutions that can be arranged quickly and efficiently, without posing unnecessary risks to borrowers. Fortunately, there

SBA Relief and Recovery Loans Frequently Asked Questions

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With the second round of funds allocated for SBA Paycheck Protection Program loans, more businesses will be able to get the financial relief they need to pull through this pandemic. wile the details outlined for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans can be confusing at best, we here at Web Finance Direct have decided to address the key points business owners

Building Capital Reserves for Your Company’s Financial Security

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Businesses rely on sales to cover overhead and achieve growth. However, nearly one-third of new and small businesses fail due to external factors. In order to thrive and overcome obstacles on the road to success, businesses need to build capital reserves. When revenue is staggered, business owners need to find a solution that creates a financial situation to optimize cash

Financing Solutions for Your Landscaping Business

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Last year, the landscaping industry generated nearly $100 billion. The industry has been growing steadily over the past five years, and 2020 should be no exception. As the ground thaws with the coming of spring, landscaping companies are already taking orders from clients and getting things in place to have a productive and profitable season. To ensure success, landscaping companies

Financing Your Business without Breaking Your Budget

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Small businesses of all types need financing at some point. Whether it’s working capital, equipment, growth solutions, or anything else, finding the right financing is essential to success. However, some businesses may not meet the requirements to secure traditional loans, nor do business owners want to take on unnecessary debt and impact their credit ratings for loans that are too