Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

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For new and small businesses, growth is essential for long-term success. While many small businesses are focused on maintaining operations and push milestones further down the road, there are several viable growth strategies that can help small businesses expand quickly without taking out traditional debt-based loans. Working Capital for Growth When businesses want to achieve growth and traditional loans are

Maximizing Cash Flow for Successful Business Growth

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A healthy cash flow is vital to every aspect of your business from covering overhead expenses to making payroll, purchasing supplies, marketing, and everything in between. However, if your business issues invoices with staggered payments of 30 days or longer, the resulting uneven revenue periods can strain your cash flow, preventing successful growth and long-term success. Invoices and the Waiting

Consumer Financing Options: Growing Your Client Base and Increasing Sales

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There was a time when consumer financing options were reserved for automobile dealers and big box retailers. Now, small businesses, online retailers, B2B operations, medical practices, and more are using consumer financing to drive sales and grow their client base. What Is Consumer Financing? Most consumers are used to making purchases and paying in full for goods and services. If

Bridge Loans: Covering Any Gaps in Financing for Your Next Property Flip

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Property flips, whether residential or commercial, are some of the most accessible undertakings for real estate investors. People who are new to real estate and seasoned pros alike take on real estate flipping projects to generate revenue in a short period through sales instead of rentals. Bridge loans play a big role in ensuring a property flip stays on schedule

Leaseback Financing: How it Works and the Benefits for Business Owners

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When businesses need short-term working capital and traditional loans are not in the picture, they often take advantage of leaseback financing. Leaseback financing helps business owners get the capital they need along with tax benefits and other benefits without placing unnecessary debt on the books. How Leaseback Financing Works Leaseback financing is a very unique funding solution designed for business

The Benefits of Investing in Owner Occupied Properties

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Owner-occupied properties are very attractive to commercial real estate investors because of the many benefits they offer. From lower management costs to tax write-offs and more, owner-occupied properties give investors more control and generate great revenue. Some people start out by converting a basement or detached building into an apartment, and when they see the revenue, they catch a fever

Maximizing Sales for Your Seasonal Business

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As we enter the last quarter of the year, seasonal businesses are getting ready for sales rushes from October until the end of December. If you run a seasonal business, you will want to make sure everything from advertising to inventory is ready to draw in customers and maximize revenue from high volume sales. Keeping Your Inventory Fully Stocked Inventory

What You Should Know About Business Loans and Prepayment Penalties

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For many new and small business owners, loans seem like a necessary evil. Taking on debt to get access to capital to purchase equipment, commercial property, and more can be a big burden to carry. Yet when businesses try to get out from under their debts by paying off loans early, they suddenly find themselves hit with prepayment penalties. So

Working Capital Solutions for Startups

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Startups are seeing tremendous growth, and new entrepreneurs are emerging every day with innovative products and services for niche markets. However, finding reliable funding or a good source of working capital can be challenging. Fortunately, there are robust working capital solutions available for startups so they can grow successfully and get the funding they need. Unsecured Lines of Credit for

Getting the Right Line of Credit for Your Business

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Whether you are an individual seeking a personal loan or a business seeking a business credit line, it's important to know what your options are so you can make the right choices. There are lots of options available for credit, with each option requiring different application factors and having different eligibility requirements. Before picking a specific financial institution or type