Auto Loan Fraud: WFD’s Guide to Combatting the Growing Issue

Auto Loan

Auto loan fraud has been growing exponentially in recent years, especially here in the U.S. where it is considered to be detrimental. As we head into 2023, loan fraud, especially in the digital space, is expected to continue its rise. For both lenders and dealerships, the risk of selling to consumers who use fake identification…

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In-House Financing vs. Full F&I Services: Which is Best for Your Dealership?

in-house financing

Have you ever heard the phrase, “buy here, pay here”? In the dealership world, this is a common way to describe in-house financing. For potential customers, the thought of one-stop shopping is an appealing one, especially when it comes to getting loans for their desired purchases. Take the auto industry, for example. By the end…

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Why Offering Financing as a New or Used Car Dealer is an Essential Part of Success

To offer financing as a used car dealer can give your business a leg up on your competition. Purchasing a new or used vehicle, boat, or RV is both exciting and daunting for consumers, who will want to get the best deal possible. Over half of all U.S. consumers choose to finance their used car…

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The Top 5 Benefits of Offering Flexible Boat Loan Options 

Looking at boat.

Flexible financing options are an important offering for any dealership looking to maintain high customer satisfaction. This includes boat and marine dealers!  Working with a trusted F&I services company like Web Finance Direct is one of the best and easiest ways that boat dealers can expand their boat loan offerings and provide the best boat…

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