Building Capital Reserves for Your Company’s Financial Security

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Businesses rely on sales to cover overhead and achieve growth. However, nearly one-third of new and small businesses fail due to external factors. In order to thrive and overcome obstacles on the road to success, businesses need to build capital reserves. When revenue is staggered, business owners need to find a solution that creates a financial situation to optimize cash

Financing Solutions for Your Landscaping Business

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Last year, the landscaping industry generated nearly $100 billion. The industry has been growing steadily over the past five years, and 2020 should be no exception. As the ground thaws with the coming of spring, landscaping companies are already taking orders from clients and getting things in place to have a productive and profitable season. To ensure success, landscaping companies

Financing Your Business without Breaking Your Budget

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Small businesses of all types need financing at some point. Whether it’s working capital, equipment, growth solutions, or anything else, finding the right financing is essential to success. However, some businesses may not meet the requirements to secure traditional loans, nor do business owners want to take on unnecessary debt and impact their credit ratings for loans that are too

How Businesses Can Avoid Loan Turndowns

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Approvals for business loans from traditional lending channels hovered around 50% at the end of 2019. Approvals for similar loans from the major banks and credit unions were even lower. Loan turndowns are on the rise, but there are a few things business owners can do to increase their chances of approval, as well as financing options when turndowns occur.

Businesses Are Getting Ready for Spring Sales

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We may still be in winter, but businesses are gearing up for spring sales. Once the weather starts to warm up, people will be purchasing tools and supplies for home repairs and renovations. Gardening centers will be stocking up on plants, soil, and outdoor fixtures. Pop-up shops looking to draw in customers with food, spring fashion, music, and more will

How Luxury Car Dealers Can Drive Sale and Increase Their Bottom Line

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Luxury cars are projected to generate over $10 billion in sales in the United States alone this year. However, luxury cars are not just for the billionaires of the world. People of all income brackets are looking to purchase luxury vehicles, and car dealers are improving their own bottom lines by offering manageable financing programs to their customers. What is

Staffing Agencies: Achieving Better Parity between Invoices and Revenue

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Every year, staffing agencies employ roughly 17 million temporary and contract workers at roles in private and government sectors. Staffing agencies require capital for marketing, expanding into new industries, sourcing talented specialists, paying employees, and courting larger contracts. Yet with the lag between invoices and payments from clients, finances can experience downward pressure that can throw operations off balance and

How Indirect Lending Improves Client Retention for Banks

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Client retention is an important metric for traditional lending channels, such asWith over 30.7 million small businesses in the United States, entrepreneurs need a reliable source for financing. Since the Great Recession, however, many small business owners do not meet the requirements for traditional loans, have reached their borrowing limits, or need a program that falls outside of the products their

Millennial Business Owners and Financing Sources

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Millennial business owners are rising to keep pace with Gen-X and may overtake retiring Baby Boomers. In recent reports released by SCORE, nearly 28 percent of millennial women see opportunities for entrepreneurship. In a similar report, most millennial business owners believe their generation is more driven in regards to business ownership and starting companies that truly make a difference in

Industrial Properties: Considerations for Commercial Real Estate Investors

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Industrial properties are a unique submarket in the commercial real estate arena that serve as storage facilities, laboratories, testing grounds, showrooms, logistic hubs, telecommunication centers and more. There are several reasons why industrial properties can be good investments. Let's cover a few. The Demand for Industrial Properties In 2019 alone, sales of industrial properties soared over $55 billion due to